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Help - Milena - 05.05.2017

Please tell us, if you need help.

RE: Help - Isenderen - 13.06.2017

So, its been a couple of updates since i played the game and I've been running into an issue with launching the game. When i try to launch it, it will start the startup process, but then it just stops. ive even tried using the .exe in the game files. But this just gives me an error code saying that the MSCVCR110. dll file is missing. Ive tried reinstalling like it says to try, but that doesnt work. Any ideas?

RE: Help - Milena - 13.06.2017

The file is part of Visual C ++ Runtime. Probably you or someone else will have uninstalled them and now they are missing (ot perhaps it is broken if a windows update was made). Install it again.

If you want to be sure that all files of your game are up to date,
make a right click on the game in your Steam game library, then click properties and then click "check files for errors".

Hope, this will help Smile.